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Future Science Jesus

Durhamite Denizen of #maelfroth. He plays Tom Steele, bringer of excellent service, impeccable timing and discreet, well-tailored violence.

Ias is usually to be found engaging in random acts of light-hearted trolling, satire, surrealism and so on. Either that or mutual troll-wank with DbSurfeit. They say great minds think alike. In this case, wrong minds think alike, and the results are usually horrific. Or AWESOME. It’s so hard to tell.

A recent incarnation of Ias has been ‘AdviceIas’ being a portmanteau of ‘Advice Dog’ and ‘Ias’. You should follow all advice issued by AdviceIas, as it is, without fail excellent (though it does not promise to be relevant or helpful).

The management is not responsible for anything that happens to you or anyone else as a result of listening to AdviceIas.

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