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From parts foreign1, became a larper at the University of Warwick and only took a year to decide to come to Maelstrom (silly person).
Currently post-postgrading it up in Durham, where he masquerades as a functional member of society2.
He may occasionally be found to make obscure references to PARANOIA3 and can sometimes rightly be accused of using too many footnotes4.

If you touch him, you get points. Inappropriate touching grants more points. This is Davoul\‘s fault, and the scheme was originally designed as a sneaky way to steal onion rings, and quickly became a meme which descended into frantic tomfoolery and has since, thankfully, died down somewhat.
Some people capitalise on \‘touch Dre for points\’; for instance, Scar has set up an affiliate scheme by which she gets bonus points when Dre is hugged by a girl (who also gets points).

Points totals are ephemeral and Dre has been known to reset individuals\’ totals if they are just too inappropriate.

Some say that Dre also has a Face. These people are technically correct, but there is a meme around this too. Don\‘t ask why.

1 But he isn\‘t French, despite having lived there.

2 This may not be strictly true.

3 Mr Squeaky: Squeaky Clean and What a Sheen!

4 Like, for instance, when trying out wiki formatting.

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