11:35:42 <@Aquarion> So, a thing:
11:36:02 <@Aquarion> The conversation above got a bit Four Yorkshiremen
11:36:51 <@Aquarion> And this is a tendancy that the channel is drifting towards
11:37:06 <@Aquarion> in a way that trivialises people’s experiences.
11:37:53 <@Aquarion> Shared experiences, shared sympathy, and knowing that there are other people out there who suffer as you did or do is a fine thing for a community
11:39:28 <@Aquarion> But “I was a teenage werewolf” “Well, I was a teenage vampire” “Well, I was bitten by a thousand vampires and ravaged by a werewolf” tends to come across as dismissing the original person’s experiences rather than sharing your own
11:40:57 <@Aquarion> So, be aware of this, be aware that it’s making people uncomfortable if you can, and if you feel that you’d like a mod to step in to a conversation or attitude that’s poisoning the channel, Speak up, to me, to a mod, to the channel if you can.
11:41:16 <@Aquarion> Because it’s driving people out of the community, and that’s a bad thing.
11:41:19 <@Aquarion> End thing.

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