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On Sunday, the 19th Oct 2008, darktachyon alexshires, Aquarion, Noodles and BluePhoenix organised a one shot LARP game at Imperial Collage in London.

It didn’t go too badly, so some of them doing it again, and this time they’ve roped in AnotherUsedPage.

Last year, the player party ended the interactive by stablising the portal from the demon realms into England long enough to march 3,000 demons though it, having made a deal that the demons could live in France once they’d conquered it.

They’ve now conquered it.

Mosaic IIa will be a followup, set in a forest somewhere in France, where a number of people are in a small area for a number of interesting purposes. It will be held in Epping Forest in late August/Early September, dates to be confirmed.

The system is Maelstromic for combat purposes, with a fairly simple class system and Interesting stuff bolted on, and Alchemy will be less broken this time. More details will be up when we flesh out the system enough. At that point it’ll get its own webpage too.

If you’re interested in becoming part of this, sign up to the Interested mailing list at

Your refs for this are alexshires, Aquarion, Noodles and AnotherUsedPage.

It will be awesome.

You will go “Awe”.

The next word will be up to you.

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