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  1. h1. Martial Arts
  2. There are several armed and unarmed martial arts native to #maelfroth; this
  3. is by no means a complete list of forms and techniques, but should serve as
  4. an introduction to some of the more idiosyncratic combat methods found in
  5. the channel.
  6. -h2. Shark Attack
  7. +h3. Shark Attack
  8. h3. Climbing the Chandelier
  9. h3. Climbing Delvy
  10. -h2. Ceilingdrop
  11. +h3. Ceilingdrop
  12. +
  13. +This is currently the main form of greeting practiced by Dirge. He has a
  14. +habit of shouting "Incoming!" first.
  15. h3. Basic drops
  16. -h3. Advanced drops
  17. +h3. Advanced drops (See 'Stealth drop')
  18. h3. Badger-assisted drops
  19. -h2. Resplendant Troll Form
  20. +h2. +Resplendent Troll Form+
  21. An embryonic martial art under development by ((~oxfordgirl)) and
  22. ((~Iasus)), the Resplendant Troll Form is practiecd by many and mastered by
  23. few. This form is divided into a number of basic techniques, which are
  24. practised in series known as _wankfests_, and a series of more elaborate
  25. kata which are practised in groups of between two and twenty Trolls.
  26. -h3. Floor and Ceiling Inspection Technique
  27. +h3. 6 Feet Under Prana
  28. +
  29. +h3. Floor and Ceiling Inspection Technique.
  30. -h3. Arse and Elbow Differentiation Technique
  31. +_Trolls easily avoid blame in arguments they seed. The student examines the
  32. +floor and ceiling of his local area, utilising subtle body language to
  33. +convey complete ignorance of his surroundings, or on a forum, using
  34. +confusion and smilies to create an air of innocence. Once mastered, Floor
  35. +and Ceiling Inspection Technique functions as a perfect social defence in
  36. +most situations._
  37. +
  38. +h3. Arse and Elbow Differentiation Method
  39. +
  40. +_Trolls are seldom confused by obfuscatory or unnecessarily detailed
  41. +arguments. By harnessing his inner reserves of energy, the student
  42. +focusses on the matter at hand. He can clearly identify the root of the
  43. +discussion, regardless of how derailed it has been. So armed, his
  44. +subsequent attempts to derail the thread are bolstered by his knowledge of
  45. +where it all started._
  46. -h3. "Lunging at The Pope"
  47. +h3. "Lunging Wildly at The Pope"
  48. h3. "Derailing the Wanky Thread"
  49. -Also known as "Enlisting in Matt Pennington's Navy".
  50. +_Also known as "Enlisting in ((Pennington's Navy))"._
  51. +_No thread is safe from the surreal cannon of Pennington's Navy. Once they
  52. +have mastered this kata, students may pool their mental resources in a
  53. +wankfest of terrifying proportions. Together, the students center their
  54. +personal energy, and bring it outside themselves, blending it with the
  55. +energy of their comrades. By their powers combined, they are Pennington's
  56. +Navy._
  57. h3. "Faking Transsexuality"
  58. +
  59. +h3. "Motivational Thread Transcendence"
  60. +
  61. +h3. "Mokosh Deflecting Prana"
  62. +
  63. +_Trolls are not vulnerable to the deadly ceilingdrop. The student uses a
  64. +directed wave of irony to reflexively deflect his assailant, even if it was
  65. +a surprise attack. This kata was developed by ((Iasus)) as a protection
  66. +against being squashed by Dirge's typical greeting. This kata suffers from
  67. +one of the four flaws of ((Your Mum))._

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