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  1. h1. Martial Arts
  2. There are several armed and unarmed martial arts native to #maelfroth; this
  3. is by no means a complete list of forms and techniques, but should serve as
  4. an introduction to some of the more idiosyncratic combat methods found in
  5. the channel.
  6. h3. Shark Attack
  7. h3. Climbing the Chandelier
  8. h3. Climbing Delvy
  9. h3. Ceilingdrop
  10. This is currently the main form of greeting practiced by Dirge. He has a
  11. habit of shouting "Incoming!" first.
  12. h3. Basic drops
  13. h3. Advanced drops (See 'Stealth drop')
  14. h3. Badger-assisted drops
  15. h2. +Resplendent Troll Form+
  16. An embryonic martial art under development by ((~oxfordgirl)) and
  17. ((~Iasus)), the Resplendant Troll Form is practiecd by many and mastered by
  18. few. This form is divided into a number of basic techniques, which are
  19. practised in series known as _wankfests_, and a series of more elaborate
  20. kata which are practised in groups of between two and twenty Trolls.
  21. h3. 6 Feet Under Prana
  22. h3. Floor and Ceiling Inspection Technique.
  23. _Trolls easily avoid blame in arguments they seed. The student examines the
  24. floor and ceiling of his local area, utilising subtle body language to
  25. convey complete ignorance of his surroundings, or on a forum, using
  26. confusion and smilies to create an air of innocence. Once mastered, Floor
  27. and Ceiling Inspection Technique functions as a perfect social defence in
  28. most situations._
  29. h3. Arse and Elbow Differentiation Method
  30. _Trolls are seldom confused by obfuscatory or unnecessarily detailed
  31. arguments. By harnessing his inner reserves of energy, the student
  32. focusses on the matter at hand. He can clearly identify the root of the
  33. discussion, regardless of how derailed it has been. So armed, his
  34. subsequent attempts to derail the thread are bolstered by his knowledge of
  35. where it all started._
  36. h3. "Lunging Wildly at The Pope"
  37. h3. "Derailing the Wanky Thread"
  38. _Also known as "Enlisting in ((Pennington's Navy))"._
  39. _No thread is safe from the surreal cannon of Pennington's Navy. Once they
  40. have mastered this kata, students may pool their mental resources in a
  41. wankfest of terrifying proportions. Together, the students center their
  42. personal energy, and bring it outside themselves, blending it with the
  43. energy of their comrades. By their powers combined, they are Pennington's
  44. Navy._
  45. h3. "Faking Transsexuality"
  46. h3. "Motivational Thread Transcendence"
  47. h3. "Mokosh Deflecting Prana"
  48. _Trolls are not vulnerable to the deadly ceilingdrop. The student uses a
  49. directed wave of irony to reflexively deflect his assailant, even if it was
  50. a surprise attack. This kata was developed by ((Iasus)) as a protection
  51. -against being squashed by Dirge's typical greeting._
  52. +against being squashed by Dirge's typical greeting. This kata suffers from
  53. +one of the four flaws of ((Your Mum))._

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