Jography (jog-r_uh_-fee)
verb jographied, jographing, jographies
verb (transitive)
1. To cause a person to recall an item or action they had previously forgotten, said of arrival at a destination or of the destination itself. His arrival jographied him that he had forgotten his tent or The place jographied him that he had left the iron on.
2. The recalling of a forgotten item or action as caused by a person’s location or arrival. He jographies his car keys on a regular basis or I always manage to jography my hat.

verb (intransitive)
1. To be the perpetrator or victim of a jography. You haven’t been jographied, have you? or Your jographing is surprisingly frequent.

1. An event whereby someone or something is jographied. I had a jography this morning.

Often used in lamentations by larpers about important pieces of kit (tent pegs, rollmats, sleeping bags, blankets and so on) or costume (usually a cloak), typically their own but occassionally someone else’s (the latter is more usual when it’s a prop, especially when said prop is a leaflet, newspaper, poster, or something else printed on paper). It has also been used as part of a diatribe against a particular site (as in “This place always jographies me!“).

Jography is a neologism, and is a combination of jog (as in to jog one’s memory) and geography.

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