King of Durham

Philosopher, linguist and concept-engineer, Felix is never entirely sure how to define itself. It’s reasonably certain there’s no point to doing so: sure enough, in fact, that it is willing to do so here, just to prove the effort futile.

Felix is an Englishman, an academic, an addict, a northerner, a priest, a habitual thief, a reader, a hypocrite, a follower, a lover, a utilitarian, a writer, a public speaker, a pedant, a law-abiding citizen, an omnivore, a blogger, a furry, a destroyer, a mook, a rocker, an infovore, a trusting soul, a borrower, a liar, a phenomenologist, a boyfriend, a transhumanist of sorts, a roleplayer, a deontologist, a possible past, (functionally) a bisexual, a son, a vegetarian, an audiophile, a leftie, a fighter, an authority figure, a netizen, an insomniac, a consumer, and an unending list of other labels, none of which, you will note, are sufficient to define it.

Necessary, maybe, but not sufficient.

In its day-to-day activity, it’s also President of Durham University Treasure Trap Society, the world’s oldest continuously-running Live Action Role-Playing society, a position which it enjoys, owing, at least in part, to that Society’s record of polite and pleasant co-operation with the Students’ Union.

It is more things, including the player of both Sebastian Constantine and Marcus Al-Tora, but you will have to ask it for further information, as it’s now very late to go to bed.

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