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  7. h1. DT Basics:
  8. * Each Downtime is 90 days, no more, no less.
  9. * There are several categories of actions you can do, some take time, some
  10. do not.
  11. * Administrative actions generally take no time
  12. * Giving someone money or an item generally takes no time (Equipment and
  13. financial actions)
  14. * Co-ordinating with someone else takes no time
  15. * Generally anything else takes some of your precious DT days.
  16. h2. Samples
  17. For the purposes of this guide we have the following tech tree:
  18. * Bake Cake: "allows you to bake a cake!" Takes 30 days to learn, 10 days
  19. to teach.
  20. * Bake delicous cake: "allows you to bake a delicious cake". Takes 35 days
  21. to learn, 10 days to teach. Requires you know "Bake Cake" skill.
  22. * Bake moist cake: "allows you to bake a cake that is moist". Takes 30
  23. days to learn, 10 days to teach. Requires you know "Bake Cake" skill.
  24. * Bake delicious and moist cake: "allows you to bake a cake that is both
  25. delicious and moist". Takes 90 days to learn, 50 days to teach. Requires
  26. you know how to "bake delicious cake" and "bake moist cake".
  27. -
  28. * Brew tea. Cannot be learned on your own, requires you to study a "teapot
  29. lammie" for 75 days. It can be taught in 25 days.
  30. h2. Time taken and things happening
  31. h3. Linear Actions:
  32. First thing for actions that take time, is that you add them to your
  33. character lineally - from start to finish. The system will fill in your DT
  34. from day 1 to day 90, so you have to enter actions in the right order. If
  35. you want to change things it becomes a pain in the neck as you have to
  36. cancel all the actions that followed it.
  37. The one exception to this rule is teaching offers that have yet to be
  38. accepted. If your friend offers to teach you from days 50-55, then until
  39. you accept that offer the DT system will ignore it so far as your actions
  40. are concerned as you haven't done anything with it. As soon as you accept
  41. that offer then that is your action, and any more actions you add will come
  42. after it.
  43. Thus the lesson to the wise: do not accept late-season teaching offers
  44. until you are very sure your earlier stuff won't change.
  45. h3. Things happening
  46. Actions that do not take time generally happen instantly, if you select to
  47. give someone money, the money appears right away in their character screen.
  48. You can cancel this action up until the point they do something with the
  49. money/item, then it's locked and only they can cancel it.
  50. If something takes time, then it does **NOT** actually happen until the end
  51. of downtime when Matt presses the big **"MAKE DOWNTIME HAPPEN"** button.
  52. Until that point it is merely an action in potential.
  53. For example, you spend the first 30 days of DT learning "bake cake", even
  54. though you only need 30 days to learn the skill, you cannot spend the next
  55. 10 actually baking a cake, nor can you teach it to someone that downtime.
  56. Nor can you self learn the next level in cake baking "bake moist cake".
  57. At the next event your character will have gained the skill and it will be
  58. available to use at the event and following downtimes. In the downtime
  59. "bake delicious cake" and "bake moist cake" will appear in your research
  60. options.
  61. The 1 exception to this rule is if you are being taught pre-requiste skills
  62. by someone else.
  63. Say your friend knows "bake delicious and moist cake" this requires you to
  64. know "bake cake" (10 days), "bake moist cake" (10 days), "bake delicious
  65. cake" (15 days) and itself takes 50 days to teach.
  66. If your friend selects to teach you to bake delicious and moist cake for 50
  67. days, the DT system will work out that you need to know other cake-baking
  68. skills first and so will spend 10 days teaching you cake baking, 10
  69. teaching you moist cake baking, 15 teaching you delicious cake baking and
  70. the rest teaching delicious and moist cake baking.
  71. h3. DT system auto-calculating
  72. For skill teaching, you can opt to set the number of days you are teaching.
  73. If you do not fill in the number of days, the system will automatically set
  74. it to the number of days required to teach the skill. If you set the number
  75. of days to higher than required to teach the skill, the system will
  76. automatically lower it!
  77. Now lets assume that you already know delicious cake baking and moist
  78. baking. And you have 2 friends, Weebl and Bob who have agreed to teach you
  79. delicious and moist baking. Weebl can teach you for the first 30 days, bob
  80. can finish you off for the next 20.
  81. When bob comes to teach you, he is a bit lazy and just selects "teach
  82. delicious cake" without specifying the number of days. Initally the
  83. teaching offer will come in taking up 50 days. **When you click ACCEPT**
  84. to bobs teaching the DT system will automatically lower the number of days
  85. required to 20 because you have already had 30 days of teaching from weebl.
  86. Note that this happens when you click accept, so if bob has already put in
  87. other actons for alter he will now have a big 30 day gap in his DT.
  88. Note this is a slight change: previously the DT system could not do this
  89. kind of calculation to take account of teaching that was happening in the
  90. same downtime (because it had not yet been processed), Matt P made the
  91. changes earlier this year so it will now account for your current DT
  92. actions as well as past ones.
  93. h2. Associates and allies
  94. If there are people you interact with a lot, add them as allies. That way
  95. they appear in a dropdown box for all your actions!
  96. h2. Projections
  97. Unless you are dealing with food provisioning for you
  98. colony/friends/whatever you don't have to worry about this, even if it says
  99. that everyone will starve! Don't panic, your character will still find
  100. food, possibly by eating the NPCs.
  101. h3. Known locations
  102. You only know about places your character has been to and done things at.
  103. See act at locations below.
  104. h2. Inventory
  105. Unless you specify otherwise, your character is assumed to be carrying
  106. everything that is in your inventory. That means that they will use them if
  107. in combat, and can potentially lose them
  108. To prevent this, use the store function to stash them under your bed, you
  109. can't use them, but they can't be looted off you.
  110. Hiding: Your character still has the item (so if you hide your armour you
  111. would still have it in a fight) but cannot select it to perform actions
  112. with. This is an older mechnic that played more a part when stealing was
  113. an option. Matt P is considering removing it.
  114. h2. Paying Money and Incurring Debt
  115. Some things in DT require you to pay for them. This will be in a specific
  116. currency dictated by the area of the new world you are in.
  117. -__**They will only accept payment in that form of currency. There is no way
  118. -in DT to convert from 1 currency to another.**__
  119. +h3. They will only accept payment in that form of currency. There is no way
  120. +in DT to convert from 1 currency to another.
  121. Don't bother emailing PD. Just don't, your only way nto convert money is
  122. with other players.
  123. If you don't have the money you can incur a debt with the new world
  124. creditors.
  125. If you don't pay this debt next DT you will be blacklisted (unable to
  126. borrow any more from them) and incur (a ruinous rate of) interest on the
  127. debt. Like the ordinary people, the creditors will only accept currency
  128. that the debt is in.
  129. It doesn't matter if your debt is for 1 silver ducatto, they won't accept
  130. your 5 Mark piece and you will be black-listed for that downtime.
  131. __Advice: check what your debts are when the DT results come out and make
  132. sure you change some money in uptime to pay them.__
  133. h2. Depositing Money
  134. There is a downtime facility to deposit money with the Ramici Capell. This
  135. money will not appear in your event pack, and so its useful for storing
  136. money that you only use in DT (if for example you incur debts in a currency
  137. other than your characters primary one). Please note: The players in the
  138. Ramici Capell trade house have **NO** access to this money, __you cannot
  139. access it at an event!__
  140. h2. News
  141. During Downtime stuff will happen. If your character is in the area when it
  142. happens (due to being taught, acting at location or moving themselves) they
  143. may hear about it. Learn to enjoy this.
  144. News reports are based on what your alligence is and it is entirely
  145. possible that 2 different people will get 2 different (and contradictory)
  146. versions of the same event. Learn to enjoy this even more.
  147. -h2. Actions
  148. -Has been moved to a separate page ((downtimeactionsguide))
  149. -Also ((downtimeforceguide))
  150. +h2. Praying
  151. +
  152. +You can pray in DT. Praying is under your Character screen, not the
  153. +downtime screen. Click the character screen, select your character, and on
  154. +the character page there will be a line of buttons running down the right
  155. +hand side. One of them is "submit prayer".

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