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Forces are highly useful, but misunderstood areas of the game. The following comes from posts between players that have used them, and Matt P on rule7.

The key factor is that the Force is just a logical way of having 1 person issue actions to a whole group. This count as co-operative actions, so once you have been issued them, you cannot delete them, the force leader must do that.

Anyone can start a force (either Naval or Land) as a zero time action. That generates a Force ID.

Anyone can join a force by applying to join that force via the ID number. Players magically teleport to the appropriate location. MaA/Ships/other must be in the same location as the Force in order to join it – if the force leader okays you in.

That means being in the same tile as the force leader at the start of the season, or once the force has moved off they contrive to be at the same location later on.

The force leader can issue orders for the entire force just the same as if they were a single character. They’re fairly basic – move here, attack that, guard this and so forth. Everyone marches in lock step and performs actions together. So, it moves at the slowest pace amongst it and so forth.

Actions are added to the force starting with the first day after the last action submitted by a member of the force. So if you only need the force for the last 45 days, you can happily fill up all the seperate members times for the first 45 before issuing force orders.

Whilst in a force you submit normal character actions as usual. So if you’re only needed in the force for the first 30 days, once the force orders are added in you can happily spend 60 days doing whatever.

Note however, there’s a lethal combination between those two however – some prat will decide to join a force then enter 90 days of naval gazing ‘just in case it doesn’t happen’. Such people should be shot, as it locks the entire force into doing nothing until they’re shouted at to delete the action. Same for idiots who put unpaid MaA/Ships into forces (they wont do a thing till paid, and force lists persist from one DT to the next).

There are many common misconceptions about how forces work, however the following are the TRUTH, confirmed by Matt P.

1. If you join a force after actions have been submitted you will not get any of those actions. You must join before actions are submitted to do those actions.

2. Just because someone else in the force ends up in a fight, you won’t unless you have an action that says you may end up in a fight.

3. You will do what your DT says, regardless of whether you submitted those actions or they were submitted for a force you’ve now left.

4. Forces do nothing except allow the force leader to submit actions that will appear on the DT of everyone in the force at the time the action was submitted. These are one big action that will be performed by everyone for whom it was submitted.

5. You can never do two things at the same time, so if you join a force you need to leave time for the force leader to submit actions for you.

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