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h1. Actions

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Skill learning

There are 3 basic (FOIP free) ways to learn skills:

  1. Study yourself
  2. Study using or from an item/building
  3. Be taught by another person

Generally being taught is significantly quicker, studying yourself is the slowest.

To teach another person: the “teach another character” action. Enter the character Id and the number of days then click the button next to the relevant skill. If you do not enter the number of days then the system will automatically set you as teaching for the time needed to completely teach that skill.

To study with an item: the “use item” action. If the “item” is a building, then use the “act at location” button and select the building from the list.

Study yourself “study a skill” action. Self studying priest skills is a different action called “pray for enlightenment”.

Note – some skills do not appear in the “study a skill” list. You cannot just learn them on your own. Generally these need certain items and are learned by studying that item. To take a basic skill example, you cannot just self study sword double. But if you have a crafted sword in your inventory you can use the “use item” action to learn sword double from that. If it needs an item to study then generally you do not need the item if you are being taught.

If you are taught a skill, then your character will move to the location of the teacher. This takes no time. Being taught teleports you instantly!

Learning/teaching ratios.

Generally these are straightforward if you know how long it takes to teach compared to how long it takes to self-study. Take study time, divide by teach time and that tells you how many days of self study the teaching is worth. Use it to calculate how many days of each you need.

E.g. You want to learn Tea Making this downtime, you can study with your Tea Pot and the system says it will take you 75 days. Your friend has Tea Making already, and their character sheet says it only takes 25 days to teach. You can from this work out that each day of teaching is worth 3 days of self study. Your friend is only free 20 days of DT, which they agree to teach you in. Since 20*3 = 60 and 75-60 = 15 you will need to study with your teapot for an additional 15 days to learn the tea making skill.

The ratios are different for different skills. If it comes out as a fraction, then the system rounds down. (e.g. If a day teaching is the same as 3.3 days self learning and you spend 3 days being taught it will only count as 9 days self learning and the extra .9 of a day will be lost.) My advice here is if in doubt, study for an extra day or 2. Better to lose a day than miss the skill. The DT system used to round fractions up to a whole day. It now rounds down

Acting at Locations

I mentioned acting at location above. The act at location is a whole class of actions that includes moving, spying, guarding, working, anything that is more associated with the location than the specific action.

Act at location first requires you to choose a location, then will give you a list of all the things your character can do at that location.

There is a “co-ordinate action” action in the act at location menu, that lets someone who knows about a location show someone who doesn’t where it is. Co-ordinate actions take no time, once you accept it that location will appear on your list of locations to act at. (e.g. you need a bakery for your cake baking, one of your friends co-ordinates you to the nearest “millies bakery” building. You will now see that location in your act at location options).

Note: just because you can see a building does not mean that you can use it. You need permission from the owner. This is done from the buildings screen (if you own a building it will appear on your main downtime screen, select it and you will get all the options to do with that building).

It is through “act at location” that you can manually move your character from one location of the world to another. This takes 1 day. Many other actions (such as being taught) automatically teleport you, so you may end up in some quite strange places!

Crafting stuff

Another change to the DT system is the ability for crafters to start crafting something, then put it on hold and craft something else.


A note: Your character will only fight if they are performing an action that specifcally involves getting into a fight – generally attacking, patroling, guarding etc… If they are not doing this then they will NOT under any circumstances join a battle. It doesn’t matter if the evil mob are burning your home and all your possessions to the ground, your character will stick their fingers in their ears and hum.

Writing Home

There is a special action to write a letter home, this creates a letter item lammie that exists within the system. You need to fin a ships captain going to the old world and have him agree to deliver it.

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