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  1. -h1. Actions
  2. +Part of the ((Downtime Guide))
  3. -h2. Skill learning
  4. -There are 3 basic (FOIP free) ways to learn skills:
  5. -# Study yourself
  6. -# Study using or from an item/building
  7. -# Be taught by another person
  8. -
  9. -Generally being taught is significantly quicker, studying yourself is the
  10. -slowest.
  11. -
  12. -character Id and the number of days then click the button next to the
  13. -relevant skill. If you do not enter the number of days then the system will
  14. -automatically set you as teaching for the time needed to completely teach
  15. -that skill.
  16. -
  17. -list.
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -just learn them on your own. Generally these need certain items and are
  21. -learned by studying that item. To take a basic skill example, you cannot
  22. -just self study sword double. But if you have a crafted sword in your
  23. -that. If it needs an item to study then generally you do not need the item
  24. -if you are being taught.
  25. -
  26. -If you are taught a skill, then your character will move to the location of
  27. -the teacher. This takes no time. Being taught teleports you instantly!
  28. -
  29. -
  30. -h2. Learning/teaching ratios.
  31. -
  32. -Generally these are straightforward if you know how long it takes to teach
  33. -compared to how long it takes to self-study. Take study time, divide by
  34. -teach time and that tells you how many days of self study the teaching is
  35. -worth. Use it to calculate how many days of each you need.
  36. -
  37. -E.g. You want to learn Tea Making this downtime, you can study with your
  38. -Tea Pot and the system says it will take you 75 days. Your friend has Tea
  39. -Making already, and their character sheet says it only takes 25 days to
  40. -teach. You can from this work out that each day of teaching is worth 3 days
  41. -of self study. Your friend is only free 20 days of DT, which they agree to
  42. -teach you in. Since 20*3 = 60 and 75-60 = 15 you will need to study with
  43. -your teapot for an additional 15 days to learn the tea making skill.
  44. -
  45. -The ratios are different for different skills. If it comes out as a
  46. -fraction, then the system rounds down. (e.g. If a day teaching is the same
  47. -as 3.3 days self learning and you spend 3 days being taught it will only
  48. -count as 9 days self learning and the extra .9 of a day will be lost.) My
  49. -advice here is if in doubt, study for an extra day or 2. Better to lose a
  50. -day than miss the skill.
  51. +h1. Actions
  52. +* ((Learning Things|downtimeLearning)) (Including ((How to input a college
  53. +action|downtimeColleges)) )
  54. h2. Acting at Locations
  55. -I mentioned acting at location above. The act at location is a whole class
  56. -of actions that includes moving, spying, guarding, working, anything that
  57. -is more associated with the location than the specific action.
  58. + The act at location is a whole class of actions that includes moving,
  59. +spying, guarding, working, anything that is more associated with the
  60. +location than the specific action.
  61. Act at location first requires you to choose a location, then will give you
  62. a list of all the things your character can do at that location.
  63. lets someone who knows about a location show someone who doesn't where it
  64. is. Co-ordinate actions take no time, once you accept it that location will
  65. appear on your list of locations to act at. (e.g. you need a bakery for
  66. your cake baking, one of your friends co-ordinates you to the nearest
  67. location options).
  68. Note: just because you can see a building does not mean that you can use
  69. it. You need permission from the owner. This is done from the buildings
  70. screen (if you own a building it will appear on your main downtime screen,
  71. select it and you will get all the options to do with that building).
  72. -from one location of the world to another. This takes 1 day.
  73. +from one location of the world to another. This takes 1 day. Many other
  74. +actions (such as being taught) automatically teleport you, so you may end
  75. +up in some quite strange places!
  76. +
  77. +
  78. +h2. Crafting stuff
  79. +
  80. +Another change to the DT system is the ability for crafters to start
  81. +crafting something, then put it on hold and craft something else. In the
  82. +option you have for crafting the item, there will be a drop-down box with
  83. +the number of days you craft it for. You can spend a short amount of time
  84. +starting crafting it, then leave it come back to it in the next downtime or
  85. +later during the same downtime. If you come back to it during the same
  86. +downtime, your crafting list will have its normal options, and also options
  87. +for "Continue (making whatever it was)" with the amount of time needed to
  88. +finish them.
  89. +
  90. +
  91. +h2. Fighting
  92. +
  93. +A note: Your character will only fight if they are performing an action
  94. +that specifcally involves getting into a fight - generally attacking,
  95. +patroling, guarding etc... If they are not doing this then they will
  96. +**NOT** under any circumstances join a battle. It doesn't matter if the
  97. +evil mob are burning your home and all your possessions to the ground, your
  98. +character will stick their fingers in their ears and hum. See also the
  99. +((Downtime Force Guide))
  100. +
  101. +h2. Writing Home
  102. +
  103. +(The following paragraph has been rendered obsolete by "PD's changes to
  104. +correspondance":
  105. +and remains for historical use only)
  106. +
  107. +To write a letter which can be delivered to the Known World you must use
  108. +the "Write Message" action in your downtime options. This brings up a page
  109. +where you can type in the name of the recipient and the text of your
  110. +letter.
  111. +When you have finished writing the system will create the letter as an item
  112. +which can be given to other characters and delivered at any Known World
  113. +port. Letters created this way can be read by any player who possesses the
  114. +item; technically you can thus communicate to other PCs in downtime through
  115. +this system, but it is by far not the common use. Letter items also contain
  116. +the name of the author, it is not possible to write one anonymously.
  117. +Anyone at a Known World port can deliver a letter. Note that the closer the
  118. +port is to your intended recipient the better - it's no use giving a letter
  119. +for your uncle in Freiboden to a captain sailing to Kamakura, for
  120. +instance.

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