Academia is the socio-political structure under which much of science is done and has several important roles in the process.

Roles of Academia
-To subtract the fun bit (i.e. SCIENCE! and replace it with science).
-To provide a set of rules allowing scientists to engage in normal social activities such as bitching, venting, one-up-manship and attacks on other scientists.
-To distract scientists from world domination by encouraging them to fight amongst themselves.
-To carefully direct scientists into areas of research that have no direct relevance to the pursuit of science for its own sake or general benefit of humanity.
-To create a hierarchy and system of subjugation that allows those at the top to do real science while those at the bottom perform no better then lab monkeys convinced they’re doing science (until proper academic conditioning has taken effect (see Funding ) – To divide science into disciplines that has no scientific relevance and are unscientific in their terminology.

For these reasons and others too numerous to mention, it is sometimes referred to as Academentia.

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