What the fuck is Maelfroth?

This is #Maelfroth

Maelfroth is an IRC channel hosted on the Espernet IRC server. You can join in by clicking “Join In” above. It is a fan community based around Profound Decisions‘s long-running Maelstrom LARP campaign world. It was founded by the eternal and holy SalBot sometime last thursday on another network, but they proved to be fuckwits.

Since Maelstrom’s timely demise, we’re more a general community based around UK larp than a channel about any specific LARP, though Empire & Odyssey are our primary obessions. Despite that, and any coincidence of the current channel Emperor being PD Crew, we are not in any way official.

It’s mostly active all the time apart from waking up time and is almost exclusively UK based (a function of the PD events it was founded on being entirely UK based).

Like all good social groups, the central thing that brought us together is not the sole or even major topic of conversation on the channel, partly because there’s much more in like to be perverse about. It’s a world of memes and occasionally funny long-running jokes, much like the rest of the internet. It’s mediated and tyrannically ruled by Aquarion; and Delvy & Scarall have little admin hats. Lampstand also has an admin hat, though we’re not quite sure how.

This is Maelfroth.org

MFO is a website run by Aquarion, designed as a companion and info-dump for the channel. Its major thing is the Gallery and Quotes page, but also holds documentation for the channel bot and recent links mentioned on the channel. It will, eventually, rule the world alongside Lampstand, but you’re safe for now.

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