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  1. !(inlineRight)!
  2. h1. Tim Packer
  3. Otherwise known as Mr. Tim, Tim Packer is a denizen of Durham, well known
  4. for being incredibly reasonable and unfailingly nice. Wolf ((Spiders))
  5. nest in his beard - it is therefore advised not to fly aircraft low over
  6. his house.
  7. h2. Trivia
  8. Mr. Tim is Nearly Jesus
  9. Mr Tim is posher than you think.
  10. Mr. Tim's grandfather was the last white headmaster of Daly College,
  11. Indore, where ((Iasus)) went to school. Small world, huh?
  12. Mr. Tim is so civilised, he can conjure an invisible cup of tea, simply by
  13. -force of will.
  14. +force of will.
  15. +
  16. +The position of web editor of DUTT is actually called "Tim Packer". It is
  17. +currently occupied by ((helly)) and Freya.

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