The Least You Need To Know

A basic guide to the least you need to know to play Empire.

The Empire wiki is huge, and contains multitudes. This is an attempt to put together the minimal amount you should probably read before you time in.


Time in is 10:00 to 01:00. On the first day we time in at 18:00, on the last day we time out at 15:00. The senate is Time In from 18:00 on the first day to 15:00 on the last, 24hrs unless otherwise noted.

Site opens Thursday for OOC socialising, there is an extra 5 for camping on the Thursday night.


Before you time in, you will need to collect your character pack from the Game Operations Desk (GOD). GOD will open as soon as possible before time in, notices will be placed outside as to their estimated opening time.

Your character pack will contain any resources, items and money due to your character, and a white laminate card with your skills and CID on it. Your CID is your reference number for the system, and will be required almost any time you speak to a Ref or go to GOD.

After the game is finished, you can hand any resources and money in at GOD. These resources will be entered into the Downtime system. When Downtime opens (You will receive an email about this) you can apply these resources to make items, upgrade your personal resource, or transfer to other players in your group. You can also assign the actions of your fleet or military unit between now and the next summit.

If you wish to use large resources (Weirwood, Mithril or White Granite), you should email with the details of what you intend.


Battles generally happen on both Full Days of long events, and are sometimes replaced by Skirmishes on the Full Days of short events. For each, some nations will be playing their characters, the others can be monsters. We ask that if you character one battle, you monster the other. Monsters should go to the Monster Tent (the next big tent behind GOD) for 10am to be made up and kitted. You should wear basic generic black kit, and bring basic non-“signature” weapons and armour if you have it. Characters should form-up in character at around 11am, your Generals and your Egregore will have more information in-character.


Potions can be made by bringing the ingredients to GOD, who will give you a rip-tab lammie in return.

Rip Tab Lammies

Potions and Trauma cards are issued as Rip-Tab lammies. To use a potion, rip the paper tab from the end, and pull apart the plastic to reveal the results of drinking the potion. Trauma cards follow the same basic pattern, but should only be ripped under the circumstances described on the card.

Complaints & Harassment

If you wish to make a complaint about a member of crew or player at the event, ask to talk to a member of Profound Decisions staff at the Game Operations Desk. If you would prefer to email, please contact

The World


20 Rings to a Crown, 8 Crowns to a Throne.

Without any personal resource to boost it, a normal character will receive 18 rings for three months. Personal resources will gain you stuff worth around nine crowns between events.


The Empire is made of ten nations, including the Imperial Orcs. Transfer between nations is possible, but a long term arc. Mixed nation groups are not encouraged.

You should read the basic pages (History, Leadership, Economy, Military, etc.) for your own nation, but deep knowledge of other nations isn’t required. It is almost certainly worth reading the front page summary of the other nations, however.

Imperial Structures

If you intend to involve yourself in one of the Imperial Structures (The Throne, Senate, Synod, Conclave, or Bourse) it is worth reading those sections in detail. In general, the synod are in charge of Faith; the Senate spend Taxes and manage Imperial Titles; the Conclave assist the empire with Magic; and the Bourse are merchants, some of which own important resources that the Empire uses to build and maintain buildings and armies.


Lineages provide no mechanical benefit within the game, but do have roleplaying effects. You should read the introduction and summary of lineages, but do not need to read all the lineages in detail unless it is one you are playing.


A basic summary of combat rules will be available, please familiarise yourself with the combat calls. This may involve cribbing from Tea’s cheat sheet

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