Wonderful Snaz!

Also known as Snazaroo, this face paint has sponsored most orcs everwhere for many a year.
Often derided as the cheap and cheerful face-paint of choice, with correct application Snaz can be one of the best face paints to use. Apart from being widely available and relatively cheap, snaz comes in many colours. It blends well and lasts a long time, making it a real competitor to other more expensive face paints.

Snaz has one downfall, it is racist. Snaz is known to hate all white elves, and so will always give a splotchy uneven white coverage, and wipe off rather easily. While the white is useable, other face paints offer a better coverage and more even look when one wishes to turn oneself white. Snaz cannot be blamed however, it just wishes to let us know that white-elves are rubbish.

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