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  1. h1. SCIENCE!
  2. -All of us have a little mad scientist hiding in us somewhere. Even though
  3. -we may not be plotting to take over the world or create some
  4. -Frankenstein-ish monster, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to experiment
  5. -in our lives, whether it’s eating something new for lunch at the café or
  6. -trying a new drink at the bar. While that’s not quite exciting as
  7. -transforming lead to gold, it’s in the same spirit wouldn’t you agree?
  8. +SCIENCE! is the foremost means of attaining awesomeness known to man. It
  9. +is impossible to describe what SCIENCE! is; you have to see it for
  10. +yourself.
  11. -<a href="">Scientists</a> are the people who
  12. -bring us all the yummy yummy SCIENCE!y goodness.
  13. +((Scientists)) are the people who bring us all the yummy yummy SCIENCE!y
  14. +goodness.
  15. h2. SCIENCE!:
  16. !!
  17. !!
  18. !!
  19. !!
  20. h2. NOT SCIENCE!:
  21. h3. The following are not SCIENCE!, but religion.
  22. !!
  23. !!
  24. !!
  25. !!
  26. h3. This is not SCIENCE!, it is an Anteater:
  27. !!
  28. h3. This is not SCIENCE!, it is a Trap:
  29. !!
  30. Class Dismissed.

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