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  1. h1. There is one rule to rule them all:
  2. -Don't be a dick[1].
  3. +((Don't be a dick))[1].
  4. h1. Beyond that, there are four rules:
  5. # Do not spew ((FOIP)) (Esp. No True Names)
  6. # Avoid the ((Drama))
  7. # No Physical ((Violence|ViolenceOnChannel))
  8. # -Do Not Poke ((Balurian))- +revoked+
  9. -Most of "the XKCD rules": also apply.
  10. -
  11. -Sometimes the "other
  12. -ones":
  13. -do as well.
  14. -
  15. Note that there are not many hard and fast rules, beyond The One Rule, and
  16. most that there are have fluffy squiggles around them. I do not want to
  17. have to treat people like five year olds.
  18. h2. On people who enforce the rules.
  19. -Currently, all ((Ops)) can be kicked by Aquarion or Sal. If you believe I (
  20. -((~Aquarion)) ) am breaking Rule One, ((~Sal)) has the ability to kick me.
  21. -I'd prefer it if you had a quiet word with me first - I am aware that I
  22. -lose my sense of humour under stress, but occasionally don't notice.
  23. +Currently, all ((Ops)) can be kicked by Aquarion. If you believe I (
  24. +((~Aquarion)) ) am breaking Rule One, you need to tell me or get someone
  25. +else to. I'd prefer it if you had a quiet word with me first - I am aware
  26. +that I lose my sense of humour under stress, but occasionally don't notice.
  27. +
  28. h2. On the rules being on a wiki
  29. The rules are on a wiki. This has occasionally been really useful, as it
  30. means that a statement made here like ((~Iasus))'s article on ((Drama)) can
  31. be subsumed into an official rule. However, for the purposes of avoiding
  32. people playing Silly Buggers, the "official" version of a rule is the most
  33. recent version submitted by one of the ((Ops)) (Article histories can be
  34. seen by clicking on the "X Versions" link at the bottom of any article).
  35. h2. On reporting someone being a dick
  36. PM an op. If in doubt as to which op, PM Aquarion. If Aquarion isn't
  37. around, his email address is aquarion at maelfroth dot org.
  38. h2. On the enforcement of the rules
  39. (This is ((~Aquarion))) I am not paying attention to main channel all the
  40. time. Generally, that's the answer to "But you're picking on me! Why didn't
  41. you berate $foo". If one or two channel members complain about your
  42. behaviour to me in PM, I will probably PM you about it. If a larger number
  43. of people do, or only a couple of people do, I may call you out on the main
  44. channel. This has no set boundaries, depends entirely on what you're
  45. accused of and how, and the current level of background dickery in the
  46. channel. Occasionally, the background level exceeds my ability to be
  47. diplomatic at everyone at once. I'm nearly very sorry whenever this
  48. happens, and it's hardly ever one specific person's fault, but the nature
  49. of diplomacy is that when it runs out, the next person gets a lack of
  50. diplomacy. I generally try to leave before that point happens.
  51. +Notably, because inflection in text is Hard, I will not generally assume
  52. +people are getting _actually_ upset and distressed by a conversation until
  53. +they tell me, at point blank range in query, that the current argument is
  54. +causing them to lose coping points. Different people argue in different
  55. +ways, and I don't want to stifle conversation on channel because my opinion
  56. +of the mental state of the participants or observers is incorrect.
  57. +
  58. +I'm open to opinions if the channel believes this moderation policy isn't
  59. +working.
  60. +
  61. +TLDR: If you don't complain, nothing happens. *please* tell an op. If you
  62. +cannot tell an op due to cope-fail or other issues, please ask someone else
  63. +to tell an op?
  64. +
  65. In conclusion, ops are human.
  66. <hr/>
  67. fn1. Unless it's funny[2]
  68. fn2. If nobody apart from you thinks it's funny, you're being a dick.

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