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  1. !(inlineRight)!
  2. -h1. Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot game for fun
  3. +h1. Pennington's Navy
  4. -You may not be able <a href="">to play Sizzling
  5. -Hot slot machine</a> and gain Free Spins in any of its most interesting
  6. -rounds. But what you can do here is be able to play this entertaining
  7. -online casino game for free.
  8. +The Pennington Navy is an elite Naval Taskforce accidentally created by
  9. +Matt Pennington in 2008. It exists to (erratically) police ((Rule7)) and
  10. +inject humour into threads that have got ((Silly)) or too serious,
  11. +pretentious or just plain spacky for their own good.
  12. -Real money games are evolving to meet the demands of the next generation of
  13. -gamers and casino games enthusiasts.
  14. +The Inaugural Staff of Pennington's Navy were as follows:
  15. -A few years ago, you may have only found classic slot machines in casinos
  16. -or pubs. Today, that has gone a step ahead – players can play the game
  17. -with real money, and now they can enjoy the same gameplay for free.
  18. -That’s right; you can get this without any compromise on the video slot
  19. -game.
  20. +((~oxfordgirl))
  21. +((~Delvy)) (Plot cannon crew)
  22. +((~Iasus))
  23. +((~Pufferfish))
  24. +((~Salbot))
  25. +((~Winterlove))
  26. +((~Aquarion))
  27. +((~Scar))
  28. -There are many online casinos that offer games by Novomatic for free. But
  29. -you must remember that if you opt for the Play For Free version of the
  30. -game, you will not be able to cash in on any of your winnings.
  31. +The initial deployment of the Navy successfully derailed ((Marios))'
  32. +political meta-thread, and was declared a ((Triumph)).

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