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  1. !(inlineRight)!
  2. h1. Pennington's Navy
  3. The Pennington Navy is an elite Naval Taskforce accidentally created by
  4. -Matt Pennington in 2008. It exists to (erratically) police Rule7 and
  5. +Matt Pennington in 2008. It exists to (erratically) police ((Rule7)) and
  6. inject humour into threads that have got ((Silly)) or too serious,
  7. pretentious or just plain spacky for their own good.
  8. The Inaugural Staff of Pennington's Navy were as follows:
  9. ((~oxfordgirl))
  10. ((~Delvy)) (Plot cannon crew)
  11. ((~Iasus))
  12. ((~Pufferfish))
  13. ((~Salbot))
  14. ((~Winterlove))
  15. ((~Aquarion))
  16. ((~Scar))
  17. The initial deployment of the Navy successfully derailed ((Marios))'
  18. political meta-thread, and was declared a ((Triumph)).

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