Aquarion’s Useful and Edutaining guide to Nickname Registration in the Interdependent Republic Of #Maelfroth

Good news everyone!

I’ve taught the bot to love People are being kicked from the channel because the usernames they want to come into our wonderous enterprise using have been registered by nasty people from a different universe. These nasty people are bad, and smell.

Maelfroth lives on a land called, which is run by anime fans and other such flotsom on society. One of the services the IRC server runs is called “Nickserv”, and it allows people to register nicknames with the server, which allows you do things like recieve memos, run channels and such (Registration is a prerequisite for being auto-op’d like SalBot, Aquarion, Scar, Delvy and Lampstand are, for example.)

Registering with Nickserv will stop people nicking your name

Basically, if you register your nickname, and someone else comes on and takes it, you can force them to vacate it.

So how do I register my nickname, oh wise narrative force?

Log into IRC, come into Maelfroth, say hello, get hugged/molested/ceilingdropped etc, then type this:

/quote nickserv register password your-email

replacing the bold bits with better ideas. The server will send you an email (it might go into your spam folder) with an authorisation code, and you follow the instructions in that to activate the registration.

Whenever you log into IRC, type /quote nickserv identify password

Some Carazee Motherflocker is using my nickname! And I registered it! What can I do, signwriter?

You have a recourse, a rebuff, and a reaction. You can recover it! Realise your dreams! Reckon on maintaining your online identity!

Stop with the re-wording and give me the command, coder-boy.

Fine. /quote nickserv ghost registered-username your-password

Happy now?

Some punting retainer-fister is using my nickname! And they registered it! What can I do, Kemosabe?

Well, not a fuck of a lot, Ranger. Ride off into the sunset, chastised and swearing on your life you’ll register the next one. If the assmatting rabbit-fucker who registered your name doesn’t identify as it (see above) for a month or so, it’ll expire and you can pounce on it.

Until then, you’ll have to use a variation. Sorry about that.

Hang on, oh sensational sensei, I tend to come on channel with a range of highly entertaining noms the plum! How do I reconcile this with your fasist dictatorship of “registration”?

Well, padawan, you have two central options. You can either pick a name and stick with it, that people can tell who you are at a glance, or you could pick one name and then get Nickserv’s alias system (known as “linking”) to link them together, so when someone sends you a memo (to be covered in a later entertaining and enlightening FAQ) you’ll still get it.

Go into IRC as your registered nickname and type /msg nickserv help link for instructions on how this works.

Where can I find more information about this wacky karazee Nickserv thing, sensei?

Log into IRC and type /quote NickServ Help

This has been awesome! You have saved our lives! We are eternally grateful! How can we reward you, wondrous writer of FAQs?

No, I couldn’t accept anything.

Well. Beer or mead.

But nothing else.

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