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Being a listing of MMOs that various frothers play. Add yourself and your games here and maybe we can see about forming (ir)regular groups?

We have a mumble server, which is server:, port 64738 (That link might magically work)

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Free to Play and on Steam

Lord of the Rings Online

Free to Play and on Steam
The kinship is called Lampstand’s Army

Guild Wars 2

We also have a guild, “The Lampstand Army”. Remember that in GW2 you can be in as many guilds as you like…

The Secret World

The Secret World is a good game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Free to play action-MMO game.


Cyborg Ninjas 3rd person shooter/stabber
Free to play and on steam

Hark runs the clan ‘Way of the Standing Lamp’ that has space for (4) more maelfrothers, they have a discord here

Add more games…

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