Distinct from ((Lampstand))s

How many Weaverites does it take to change a lampwick?

Just one, but there’s a queue behind them to change it to the next damn thing, so the light never goes on.


The lights! The colours! GONE! NOOOOO!


Has already changed it into a Jaguar devotee several events ago.


Nah, you’re thinking of Moths.



Coyote acolytes:

Again, just one, but with a queue. These ones alternate between those with buckets of water and those with lamp wicks, just to keep things balanced.


One. At maximum. Because if there are any more, you might be safer in the dark.


Our contract says it stays dead, so it stays dead, got it?


Impossible to find out; it happens during a Time Freeze.

Huntress church (fanatical)

Impossible to find out, they’re all either dead or in hiding

Huntress church (moderate)

I’m sorry, we can only set fire to it if it sets fire to somebody first… Not a hair more, not a hair less.

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