LRPdrabbles was a community started by Maelfroth user TomJ as a place for friends of his who were interested in sharing short stories about their lrp characters and others in a shared space. It is not restricted to Drabbles (100 word short stories) but any short story you feel like posting.

So far it has players from Maelstrom and UKGC on there writing stories.

After some recent concerns (See Drama ) about the sheer level of certain types of fic pulling the community in other directions and having grown beyond TomJ’s original vision, two spinoff Communities have been created.

ShortLRPfic – Designed to be a place where larger pieces of fiction intended for a more select audience could be posted. FOIPfic of defcon 4 or above should be placed here.

LrpImpressions After every event the Drabbles community tended to be swamped with impressions fic – short, potentially FOIP filled nuggets of character mindset. To preserve the friends pages of the faithful such fic should be placed here and not on the main comm.

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