Sailing across the Maelstrom,
I spoke to the vessel’s captain.
I asked him just where I should go,
And who I would find handy to know.
And he said,

“Do you know Count Jacob Donskoi?
He’s a Fidelian Teacher envoy,
Well-mannered, forthright, and not coy.
And always has a hand in some ploy.”

I went to the House of Tallards, (and I)
Played a lady at cards.
And being a lad of some pluck,
I just had to try out my luck.
But she said,

“You’re no Count Jacob Donskoi.
He’s a man, and you’re just a boy.
Such charms as he can employ,
Your hopes, they will destroy.”

Arriving in strange Havocstan,
I met a valiant young man.
I asked him why he was so brave,
And this was the answer he gave.
He said,

“I know Count Jacob Donskoi!
And my men the Count did deploy,
To guard a trader’s convoy,
To serve him is an absolute joy!”

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