Saturday Frothshop, 15th May 2010

Gooooood $TIMEOFDAY frothers!

Wouldn’t it be handy if someone had mentioned which pub people were going to be at on Saturday?

Yes, that would be handy. So, after some careful consideration, we’re going with TRADITION!

“Tradition?!” you say, “But aren’t custom and tradition the refuge of the fool, kemosabe?”

Then there is a small fight scene involving a helicopter, twenty seven dancing girls, a warehouse full of cabbages and a duel of ice-cream truck music boxes. Shortly, some vague sense of normality – if not sanity – returns:

“So, honoured signwriter, where is the meet going to be?”

“Same place the last Saturday frothmeet was, anonymous attendee, The Ice Wharf, Camden, which is a Weatherspoons”

What time?

People will be there from about 17:00

How do I get there?

By Rail

  1. Get to London
  2. Get to Camden Town
  3. Walk up the road (out of the tube station and turn right) until you get to Jamestown Road. (The first intersection with traffic lights and the Elephants Head pub. If you cross the canal, you’ve gone too far.)
  4. Turn left
  5. Walk up Jamestown Road
  6. Turn right at the Fifty Five pub.

By walking

  1. Print out the map above
  2. Follow it

By Car

  1. Park somewhere outside Central London with a tube station
  2. Take the tube
  3. Follow “By Rail” above.

By Airplane

  1. Land
  2. Take the railway

By Helicopter

  1. Parachute out near Camden High Street
  2. Avoid landing on Goths, they may be spikey
  3. Avoid landing on the lock, it may be wet.
  4. Follow “By Walking” above

By metathought transferance

  1. Travel to Londonspace
  2. Exit between the orange rubber duck and the corrupted soul of dark culture
  3. follow “By Walking” above.

From the Maelstrom

  1. Leap into the ocean
  2. Wait for the dolphins

See you there

Nope, I’m at a housewarming in Glasgow, but other people will be there. Have fun :-)

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