1-handed weapons up to 42” (includes flails).

two-handed swords up to 60”

Pole-arms – stab safe or non-stab safe up to 84”. (you may stab with stab safe pole-arms).

Pikes – must be stab safe – up to 108” (you may ONLY stab with a weapon over 84”).

To fire a crossbow you have to have two-hands on it. It’s a two-handed weapon only. You can’t use a one-handed pistol xbow one-handed or use a wrist-mounted one. The ideal phys-rep is a huge hung of mahogany but that isn’t required, a small crossbow is ok, provided you treat it like a massive machine of wood and steel that fires a bolt that punches through flesh and bone and not a fine construction of aluminium and wire that makes nerf darts bounce off tissue-paper while you improbably call “Impale”.

Basically the ideal phys-rep is a big heavy crossbow – the first person to post a picture here of the windlass wound crossbow that they’ll be using at the event gets 20 off their ticket price to the first event. But that’s the aspirational cool to have. Any crossbow you wield and fire in two hands is ok.

More info (Not a lot more)

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