Andy Raff, posting on Facebook:

“In a similar way in which Maelstrom took a conceit that marked the game world out as a fundamental departure form “earth” (one language), there are a few things that are simply not part of the campaign – they don’t exist in the world, or they work a little differently. I’m confident they are reasonably minor things, but the implications are absolutely clear. The Boss has mentioned two of them (non-consensual sex and abuse of minors) there are a few others.

For example, when we say “it’s a gender blind world” we don’t mean “gender blind for 12th century torkshire” or “gender blind (asterix)” we mean “gender blind.” If you make a group that discriminates against women or men, you’re doing the equivalent of designing a group that uses power armour and lives on the moon. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’ll make the game better.

I wish we had the time to explain everything right this second – and I know the Boss is working on blog posts in between running Maelstrom downtime and trying to finish writing the stuff he owes me – but we just don’t.”

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