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Volunteering is going to be part of the social contract of Empire. Fundamentally it’s either that or we double the ticket price and have 400 crew. I’m happy with either approach but believe the former is more effective than the latter, both in terms of player enjoyment and value for money and in terms of people coming to the event.

It won’t be a requirement, lots of people “don’t do LRP fighting” but if you want to go and play in the battles then you’ll be expected to monster as many as you play. If you don’t want to volunteer to monster then that is absolutely fine and there is no problem at all, but you’ll need to opt out of playing the battles also, to achieve quid-pro-quo. Otherwise, given the social contract, you’re just free-riding on those who do volunteer which is unfair.

I realize that some players won’t like that approach and that is totally cool. LRP is a big hobby, there are lots of games to play! Many of which don’t require you to volunteer to monster. One I can heartily recommend is the excellent Odyssey game run by one Profound Decisions which you can book for here: http://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/event/Tickets?1 – but unfortunately Empire may not be the game for you.

Bear in mind that we plan to have enough permanent crew to monster skirmishes and similar without needing volunteers. So you’re actually talking volunteering for 2 hours out of a three day event…

For me, as I’ve said a few times, the key is to make monstering as much fun as humanly possible. At the end of the day we’re a LRP company, we make our profit by selling people tickets to attend the event and the whole event is your experience. It’s just as valid to enjoy monstering as it is to enjoy playing, we’re not trying to make playing fun, we’re trying to make your whole event fun, so we’ll be focussing on ways to make monstering the battles fun the same as we’ll be focussing on ways to make playing the battles fun. Of course the latter is easier than the former, but my point is that our focus, as a company, is on making your whole event fun.”

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