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h2. The first declaration

Not all empire discussion is going to be regulated to Empirefroth.

The reasons and explaination

So, recently, and probably more so as the first event draws nearer, Empire minutiae are getting more and more prevelent on the main channel. For each item that goes up, for each ritual, for each build idea, a conversation.

The world is divided into those people who enjoy that kind of detailed analysis of rules and their interactions, and those for whom it results in the destruction of hope and enjoyment. Since both types inhabit our community, #empirefroth exists as a dedicated overflow for Empire rules analysis, item balance, ritual plans, deep and complicated discussions on potential economics, and reiterating the wiki’s recent changes list into IRC form.

Empire chat is not banned from the main channel, but there is a better place for careful analysis of every word PD publish, and it’s #empirefroth.


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