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Posited by Harry on the FB group:

Our next piece of published work will be introductory paragraphs for the “last 5″” nations – including the orc culture. On consideration, we’ll not be posting the “central post text” from the Empire tent at Maelstrom because we feel more work is necessary there.

The combat system will be playtested again, and we’ll say where and when in due course.

There is more to Empire that the combat system and nation briefs. We are working on specific game elements including crafting, ther simpel downtime system, the economy, political structure, and military strategy, and more on all those areas will be published in due course.
Religion: The mainstream Imperial Religion has been drafted. “The Way of Virtue” has been described by one reviewer as “Fascist Buddhism”. Details of The Way are to follow.


We plan for our battles to be strategic affairs, involving units maneuvering through woods and the like, rather than line up in a field and run at each other. Paul Tucker, is part of the Empire team and has many years experience running battles around these concepts.
Monstering: Matt has posted on the social contract of monstering on the Empire page. Above and beyond that, we expect to play things by ear, remain flexible, focus on everyone having as much fun as possible, crew, players and players who are volunteering. It won’t solve every problem – but it will solve 95% of them.


We’re developing our guidelines on children at the moment. There is obviously an age when a child is too young to take an active role in the battle for safety reasons, so their obligation to monster the battles will be linked to their participation in the battles as players, just the same as for adults.

Legal system

The reality is that we really have not done a lot of work in this area yet. We have a lot of conceptual ideas, some of which we’ve even kicked around a bit, we know how we want things to work – but we’ve not done yet.

Icons and heraldry

We’re expecting the game will include these themes. The art department have been thinking heraldry and national styles, and when the national briefs are ready, we’ll release them.

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