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  1. h1. Drama
  2. +This is one of the channel ((Rules)). Apart from the bit about ~Aquarion's
  3. +benevolence, since it's actually Sal's
  4. +
  5. Yes, sometimes there is drama. We all recognise this, and it is not
  6. funny, nor good for the channel. Maelfroth is really not for Serious
  7. Business(TM) or personal attacks, or indeed for anything else that is ((Bad
  8. for Hive)).
  9. This page is designed as an informative on things that may let loose the
  10. ((Drama Llama)), so as to avoid it getting out too much in future. Please
  11. try to avoid them.
  12. Whilst we recognise that Maelfroth is a place with a robust and often
  13. hideous sense of humour, there are some things that stopped being funny a
  14. while ago, or just plain piss people off. Censorship of any kind is
  15. generally a bad thing, but pissing people off too much when you can avoid
  16. it is also a bit shit. The cardinal rule is just to be chilled out, and
  17. if someone asks you to leave a topic/subject, just back off - what you
  18. think is a joke may not be seen that way by other users. That way we can
  19. all continue to enjoy each other's company and go back to doing what we
  20. should be, which is being silly. If you feel the need to rant at someone,
  21. do it on ((Rule7)), not here.
  22. The channel does have Ops, who may act as moderators if things get out of
  23. hand. However, they should never have to get involved. Remember that the
  24. channel only exists out of the benevolence of Aquarion, and the day that
  25. moderating ends up keeping him from enjoying a Maelstrom event is the day
  26. the Banhammer falls and #maelfroth becomes a ((Twilight)) fandom channel.
  27. The Ops will only intervene if someone is seriously misbehaving. Don't be
  28. that someone.
  29. As always, the Golden Rule applies, and if you feel yourself getting angry,
  30. take a few deep breaths and think before posting something you'll regret.
  31. You might also want to check out some pictures of cute animals. We suggest
  32. somewhere like "CuteOverload": .
  33. h2. Things to remember
  34. * Personal attacks on other users are not cool
  35. * Derogatory comments about other users' character choices aren't either.
  36. Even if you're joking. People get enough real flak about certain character
  37. choices/styles of play without people joking about it.
  38. -* Wemic jokes stopped being funny a long time ago. See above.
  39. +* Taking IC opinions (Elves, Weaverites, Lineaged, Persians, Titans, etc.)
  40. +and bringing them onto channel as a reflex action gets very boring
  41. +remarkably quickly.
  42. * Do not let stuff from PMs spill into the main channel.
  43. * Backing down to avoid Drama does not mean you lost. Stop worrying about
  44. your ego and chill out.
  45. * Maelstrom, and LARP, is a real life social activity. Remember that you
  46. will likely meet the person you are arguing at/bitching about/attacking on
  47. channel face to face at some point. The Internet does not favour reasonable
  48. debate; you are more likely to get your point across in person, over a pint
  49. or a cup of tea.
  50. * In the event that you do get kicked by an Op, don't take it personally.
  51. Take a step back from the computer and calm down. Everyone gets wound up
  52. sometimes.

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