IC Communications in Downtime

We understand that characters will want to interact in downtime. The correct way to do this is via one-to-one communication methods, e.g. email to single recipients, phone calls etc.. Communication should take the form of letters that are assumed to have been sent by some kind of IC courier. Groups may have forums for OOC organisation purposes, but should not use them for roleplaying purposes.

e.g. Gary wants to confirm details for a shipping action, so he sends Dave an email about it, writing as his character. Jane didn’t manage to have her character catch up with Jennifer’s character before the end of the event, and sends her an email containing a letter asking how Jennifer’s character is doing. These are one-to-one IC letters and are fine.

e.g. An allegience-level grouping want a forum so they can catch up with each other OOC, talk about kit, transport and tents, and exchange contact details. They also put up some background information they have created about their allegience, which new characters might like to know, in an area restricted to members of their allegience. This is OOC organisation and is fine.

e.g. A group within an allegience also arrange some mechanical downtime and discuss IC plans for the upcoming event in an OOC fashion, within their group (not in a publically visible part of the forum). This is acceptable, but if they want to interact in a fully IC fashion, they should take it to PMs, emails or other one-to-one communication methods, or hold a Player Event.

e.g. Dave wants to know what everyone in his group thinks about the Pogoians, so he posts a new thread on the group forum:

Daveschar sits back from the campfire, around which he hopes some of the other Joansians might gather. “So,” he says, “what about them Pogoians, eh?”

This is IC interaction on a scale larger than one-to-one and is not acceptable – either have individual conversations, or organise an actual player event, or save it until the next main event!

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