Priest Skills

(The bits where this document are vague are mostly due to a wish not to spoil interesting things)

The Priest Skill Tree is in two parts, which will called Basics and Snackies.

The primary way of learning priest skills on your todd is though Seeking Enlightenment. This is a standard downtime action, which can be done anywhere, and involves sitting under waterfalls contemplating the wonder of the universe, or some other IC action for listening to your deity.

Until you have all the Basic skills, you can pick any Basic skill to Englighten. Being in a church will speed this up, or an Eidolon can teach you faster than on y0ur own.

Once you have finished all the Basic skills, you will still get the option to Englighten, but you won’t be able to pick what. This will put in a non-determined enlightenment, which will resolve into a real skill over downtime. Once your god has chosen your next Seek Enlightenment skill, this is the only skill you can learn though Seek Enlightenment until you have finished that skill.

If you want a skill other than your Seek Enlightenment one, or you want a Snacky skill before you’ve finished all the Basic skills, you can be taught in the normal way by a priest or an appropriately skilled Eidolon. Most of the skills in the Snacky side require one or more Basic skill before they can be taught.

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