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Acting at Locations

The act at location is a whole class of actions that includes moving, spying, guarding, working, anything that is more associated with the location than the specific action.

Act at location first requires you to choose a location, then will give you a list of all the things your character can do at that location.

There is a “co-ordinate action” action in the act at location menu, that lets someone who knows about a location show someone who doesn’t where it is. Co-ordinate actions take no time, once you accept it that location will appear on your list of locations to act at. (e.g. you need a bakery for your cake baking, one of your friends co-ordinates you to the nearest “millies bakery” building. You will now see that location in your act at location options).

Note: just because you can see a building does not mean that you can use it. You need permission from the owner. This is done from the buildings screen (if you own a building it will appear on your main downtime screen, select it and you will get all the options to do with that building).

It is through “act at location” that you can manually move your character from one location of the world to another. This takes 1 day. Many other actions (such as being taught) automatically teleport you, so you may end up in some quite strange places!

Crafting stuff

Another change to the DT system is the ability for crafters to start crafting something, then put it on hold and craft something else. In the option you have for crafting the item, there will be a drop-down box with the number of days you craft it for. You can spend a short amount of time starting crafting it, then leave it come back to it in the next downtime or later during the same downtime. If you come back to it during the same downtime, your crafting list will have its normal options, and also options for “Continue (making whatever it was)” with the amount of time needed to finish them.


A note: Your character will only fight if they are performing an action that specifcally involves getting into a fight – generally attacking, patroling, guarding etc… If they are not doing this then they will NOT under any circumstances join a battle. It doesn’t matter if the evil mob are burning your home and all your possessions to the ground, your character will stick their fingers in their ears and hum. See also the Downtime Force Guide

Writing Home

(The following paragraph has been rendered obsolete by PD’s changes to correspondance and remains for historical use only)

To write a letter which can be delivered to the Known World you must use the “Write Message” action in your downtime options. This brings up a page where you can type in the name of the recipient and the text of your letter.
When you have finished writing the system will create the letter as an item which can be given to other characters and delivered at any Known World port. Letters created this way can be read by any player who possesses the item; technically you can thus communicate to other PCs in downtime through this system, but it is by far not the common use. Letter items also contain the name of the author, it is not possible to write one anonymously.
Anyone at a Known World port can deliver a letter. Note that the closer the port is to your intended recipient the better – it’s no use giving a letter for your uncle in Freiboden to a captain sailing to Kamakura, for instance.

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