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  1. h1. Maelfroth Dolls
  2. A while back, Draconas suggested the idea of Maelstrom action figures.
  3. The results were a brand that is crying out to be produced, the Maelstrom
  4. playset!
  5. *Scar:* with realistic Nose-Fall-Off action!
  6. *Rheinfelden:* comes free with realistic Bottle Of Poisoned Sake!
  7. *Dieter:* equipped with 13 weapons, removable hat and coat, and bonus
  8. Cardinal Hand figure.
  9. *Canashir:* has Sword-swiping action. Also comes with shield, violin, and
  10. hat.
  11. *Benedict Delano:* comes with change of outfit. And another change of
  12. outfit. And another. In fact, he's got a whole wardrobe.
  13. *Primus* comes with removable headdress, gold glitter and Crotch Lobster
  14. (Disturbing Lobster Codpiece)
  15. *Legion:* comes with...pins?
  16. *Mdjai:* Pull the string on the Mdjai figure's back to hear one of his
  17. famous sayings "All Right Then, You Sons of Mothers!", "Did I Give You
  18. Permission to Die, Private?" and of course "Fuck you, furless!" Comes
  19. with, dress uniform, mace and stabby knives.
  20. *Gin:* comes with squirting blood and all limbs removable. Also free BRICK
  21. TO THE FACE.
  22. Special rare *Mutated Myrmidon Gin:* Removable claw and chitinous plates.
  23. Other rare variants: *Coyote Fluffer Gin.*
  24. *Borris:* comes with a bottle of Vodka and as many weapons as we can fit in
  25. the box. Other contrabando sold seperately.
  26. *Constance:* Doll changes colour when warmed up - Warm it up and the white
  27. dress is covered in blood!
  28. *Generic mortal:* with a little Mardocai on one shoulder and an Aestar on
  29. the other.
  30. *Flail:* free mini-mortal and selection of -torture- persuasion devices
  31. *Lady Lies:* Cries real tears of blood. _WARNING_ Some versions may try to
  32. stab you in the hand when squeezed!
  33. *Aestar:* Now with throat-cutting emo action, comes with free poster of
  34. Sikorski and can of black paint
  35. *Limited Edition Aestar:* with a pull string for several select phrases:
  36. "My life is darkness and pain!" "Why does it have to be so hard!" "In the
  37. name of earthquake, you will...hey! Stop hitting me!" "Is that a brick?"
  38. "Why _yes_, these _are_ a part of me..."
  39. *The Comte De Millen:* With removable crown and head
  40. ((Balurian)): _WARNING_ this toy counts as a WMD in most civilised
  41. countries.
  42. *TonTon*: With matches and petrol for real immolation
  43. _Special Offer:_ Buy *Justice* and get free minion dolls!
  44. _Don't forget to pester your parents to get the *Jade Lotus Restaurant*
  45. playhouse and kitchen set!_
  46. *Dirge:* Now with Dislocating Mokosh Jaw action and Patented Stick of
  47. Re-education! (Mana Stones for Necromantic special modes not included.)
  48. *Thorn:* Squeeze to get yummy juice out!
  49. ((Olrich)): Figure works as a piggybank with money hugging action.
  50. _WARNING_ May attempt to stab you on removal of money.
  51. *Mr Finch:* now with detachable hat. Alchemical lab not included in base
  52. set.
  53. *Ekkoteka:* Comes with attachment point for Finch's hat.
  54. *Xochiyotl:* Complete with bandages and nails
  55. *Sir William Pritchard Lord Warrington-Smythe:* We pay YOU to buy this
  56. figure. Comes in extra large packaging to properly display his name.
  57. *Ignatious Pimms:* You have to buy the first action figure with the ability
  58. to look up!
  59. *St. Yens the Fearless:* Pull his remaining arm and listen to one of his
  60. three classic phrases. "Are they all dead yet?", "You're wrong you know."
  61. and "Brothers! Kill the heretics!" Bottle of blood and Yens' finger bone
  62. relic included for free!
  63. *Heinrich:* Comes with musket, pistols, Book of Varas (DNF New Improved
  64. Truth Version), and free "YENS LIVES" plaque. Squeeze the figure to hear
  65. "FIRE AND FAITH!" or "To me, my brothers! Charge!"
  66. *Whisper:* _SAFETY WARNING:_ Do not sleep in the same room as this doll. We
  67. do not accept liability for unexpected stabbings.
  68. *The Anaguma Playset:* These playful badgers come in all your favourite
  69. poses including "shot in the head", "Bleeding from a bullet wound",
  70. "playing dead" and "Vengeful Mokosh killing machine."
  71. *Ventis:* Now with interchangable 'Hero' pose arms.
  72. *Brazilian* With working "hero hug" arms and interchangeable hats
  73. *Nefer:* with interchangable mittened and mittenless paws!
  74. Special *Limited Edition Nefer:* Squeeze torso to see "the Baklava face".
  75. *Mameluk:* Realistic Heathen smiting action. Comes with Clavat and
  76. removable armor.
  77. *Limited Edition Mamaluk Unas:* Unas has all the features of the standard
  78. mamaluk figure plus a bottle of random booze!
  79. *Melei:* With realistic, disapproving features.
  80. *Khenmes:* Nods and smiles to reassure you during your day. _WARNING:_
  81. looking at this expression too much may cause you to wonder what he's
  82. _really_ thinking...
  83. *Maelstrom:* Pull the cord to see his angry face; comes with a variety of
  84. costumes and masks.
  85. *Mardocai:* With real flowing hair and Sword of Justice. (Motorbike sold
  86. seperately.)
  87. +*Cotonatli:* With dynamic weak-purging action and damn fine hat! (Out of
  88. +stock)
  89. +
  90. +*Fiona Marshall:* With over sixty pieces of surgeons equipment, and
  91. +secretary outfit! (contains small parts)
  92. +
  93. +*Persephon:* Now available with a selection of attachable appendages (not
  94. +for sale to under 18s)
  95. +
  96. +New, the *Sephirot Playset!* Complete with Dragon and Dracoscions! Also
  97. +available, a set of matching tankards with secret compartments!
  98. +
  99. +*Ikiru:* Comes with multiple green outfits, and accompanying "Your Wife"
  100. +doll (outfit not included)!
  101. +
  102. +*Alfas:* Comes complete with holy prayer mat and war weary rip-robes
  103. +action, revealing stripes all the way down. Also avaliable with Sadwemic
  104. +in snow playset.
  105. +
  106. +*Kass:* Shiny Fidelian Paladin in training, squeeze the figure to hear
  107. +"just a trainee boss" and " Can I smite it yet boss?" note: Armour is
  108. +non-removable.
  109. +
  110. +*Caterina Flambardi:* Comes with poison the makes her turn green and real
  111. +moving pistol shot action grip
  112. +
  113. +Comming soon: Major Duck

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