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I am very forgetful. Playing, as I do, a high-kit character, and actually wanting to be happy and relatively comfortable in a field, this means that I have forgotten rather a large number of things over the years. This is an incomplete list of things that I’ve forgotten over the years as a LRPer, and things I should never, ever forget again. OxfordHelen also has a useful list of essentials




Bear in mind that while the green-hats are lovely and will do their utmost to help you, they’re not legally permitted to provide you with painkillers or other medications; in general, they’re only allowed to help you take your own — so make sure to bring some!

(That said, if you do find yourself short of something common, there’ll likely be enough people around with spares that you’ll be able to acquire some — but it will be more of a hassle than having your own supply with you. )

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