The Maelfroth Empire

Maelfroth consists of a series of IRC channels, which are canon, some associated community groups and sites – which are less canon – and some player-run separate rules, which are more shotguns. All the IRC channels are on Espernet.


Maelfroth is the original and biggest of the empire. Founded by Salbot as a realtime alternative to the LJ community, it’s evolved into… whatever it is right now.

With the close of Maelstrom, it’s much less a dedicated chartered-channel for the discussion of PD games, and much more a collection of people, most of which go to LARP games. The Rules are slightly out of date these days, but the focus on avoiding dragging drama onto the channel from outside remains. Maelfroth is, at its best, a safe place for discussion of everything and anything, from your mental state to your next character build. At it’s worst it’s somewhere between an echo-chamber and a lynch mob.


#Lampstand is the home channel of the Bot, Lampstand, and a place primarily for if you want to futz around with the bot and play with syntax or anything else that will cause excessive output. It’s where announcements of new versions of the bot, and updates to the Maelfroth website, are automatically posted.

#Empirefroth & #ODCFroth

The page on Empirefroth basically encompasses the reasons for and policies on both of those channels.

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