This is a list of LARP achievments. How many have you unlocked?

Dead Set
Have 3 characters die in the same event

Everything Hurts
Non-Trivially injure 3 or more body parts in one event

Hanfling Would Be Proud
Hard skill climbing a tree

You’re Warm
Use another player as a thermal layer

Why Oh Why
Traumatise people with your character’s suicide
Hard Mode For more than one event

There’ll be Time When We’re Dead
Go an entire event with no sleep

And Another Twenty Verses Wouldn’t Do Us Any Harm
Sing IC for more than an hour straight without pause
Hard Mode: The same song for the entire hour

Let me ask someone else…
Monopolise more than half of the ref team to answer a question

Fuck me have you been in a car crash?
Use ALL the fakeblood

Worryingly realistic
Make someone think you have been OOC hurt because of good makeup

Were you even at this event?
Disguise yourself so well your OC mates don’t recognise you

Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies
Cause a system-reset-scale cataclysm

What is this I don’t even
Discover something in your kitbag post event that you cannot identify

Compensating for something
Own and wield a sword bigger than yourself

Raise your hand if you’re /not/…
Realise that all the people in the tent are adherants of the same cult / secret society / necromancer

One man army
Take on a mob and win by yourself

Wemic Hangtime
Defy gravity in uptime

Impeccable Sense of Timing
Have two or more characters killed within an hour

Still not following Serpent
At Maelstrom, continue to not be a Serpent Cultist despite behaving like a really good one

That guy
Start OOC dating someone you had an IC relationship with first
Hard Mode: Cheat on your current partner in the process

Find out someone else’s deepest darkest secret

Only a flesh wound
Suffer a non-trivial injury that you don’t notice until somone else points it out

Where the fuck…
Avoid everyone that wants to talk/meet/diplomance

All my friends are dead
Be the last surviving member of a group

…and it’s all my fault
Prerequisite: all my friends are dead
Be the one who killed them

At Maelstrom, give a false true name to a priest who is only pretending to initiate you anyway

Uninterrupted movement
Successfully go to the privy without being bothered

Mortality Cascade:
Have your new character killed by the same thing that killed your last one
Hard Mode: Have your new character killed by the same thing that killed your previous one, that was caused by your previous one

Iocaine Powder Failure
Aaccidentally poison yourself

Wait, BITTER Yellow Syrup?
Prerequisite: Iocaine Powder Failure
Accidentally poison yourself. Fatally.

Righteous vengeance
Have your new character killed in revenge for the murder of your old character

Immanentize the Eschaton
Have a phrase you made up enter play and gain common usage

He must be one of them!
Have a friend dropped for standing next to you at a bad moment

Cult fail
Turn up in kit with IC identificable cult connections without intention of being identified as said cult

Predictably Annoying
Be so reliably annoying that someone wants to hit you within five minutes of being asked whether they’ve yet been annoyed by you enough to want to hit you.

Why is that canon?
Have a phrase you made up OOC become imortalised IC

Why is that cannon…?
Sneak up on someone with a siege engine

Legacy of One
Do something that makes a thing/person/allegiance made outcast or illegal IC

I don’t think that means what you think it means
Have something you made up as a joke become canon

Too Stupid To Live
kill a character, and then the character who comes looking for them five minutes later

A Kind of Immortality
Have stories told to you about your death whilst in IC disguise

A legend in his own lunchbreak
Find stories being told about your exploits before the character is dead

Shit Take Deep Breaths
Roleplay a mental breakdown well enough that people OOC talk you down

Cheese it Lads!
Survive an encounter by running faster than someone else

Dr. McTraitor
Be discovered within five minutes of infiltrating another faction

Tell me what I want to do
Get given orders (divine or otherwise) to do exactly what you wanted to do right then

Brighter than my character
Work it out OOC on Friday night, discover it IC on sunday afternoon

High-brow immersive rope-laying
Successfully use a piece of rope IC

Rourke’s Drift
Have your group be attacked by literally everyone else in system
Hard Mode: Survive

I am the messiah
Be crucified for your actions

Gallows Diplomancer
Having being sentanced to death, talk your way out of your own execution

Gallows Humour
Watch your own execution from the crowd

Gallows Disaster
When just about to be let off, talk your way in to being executed

Very Well Done
Be Burnt at the Stake

Not So Late
Attend your own funeral

But I created you!
Be killed by something you created

Successfully steal a siege weapon

He went that way!
Join a mob hunting for you

Yep, totally
Successfully claim credit for something you didn’t do

In Public.
Successfully slaughter one of your own group members in public, with a crowd watching, engineering a situation where stopping you would be “rude”
Hard Mode: Slaughter your whole group

Decimal Death
Kill 10 PCs in one event
Hard Mode: Kill a tenth of the PC’s in one event

Mass Effect
Successfully hold a ‘mob meeting’ with valid outcomes

Happily ever after
Successfully achieve a character’s win condition and retire happy

Tenet Expropriated
As a priest, forget one of your god’s tenets
Hard Mode: Forget all of them.

Invisible Heresy
As a preist, preach heresy for a year without anyone noticing

What do I have to do?
Preach heresy for more than 2 years without anyone complaining

Essentials of Faith
Preach heresy for more than 2 years with everyone complaining

DNF Gambit
Preach heresy for 5 years without anyone complaining

Who am I again?
Forget your own true name

Oops wrong god
Quote the tenets of the wrong god during a religious meeting

All Hail Lord Flail!
Call out to the wrong power in a religious ceremony

Which life?
Introduce yourself by your OC name in an IC situation – or vise versa

Who do I worship again?
Try to cast a spell or miracle in the name of the wrong power

Welcome to the Jungle
At Maelstrom, Survive a meeting with the Natives

The Walls Have Ears
Successfully hide in someone’s tent during a secret meeting
Hard Mode: Under their chair
Awesome Mode: Under their altar

Wipe out a group and then claim their IC tent as your own

Do you feel lucky, punk?
Cause someone to back down using an unloaded pistol

Me and my shadow
Successfully hide behind someone who is being asked where the hell you are.

Mine, Actually
Assemble an army in uptime

Play a character of each IC race
Hard Mode: Play a character that becomes each IC race

Best Served Cold
Be killed in revenge for events that occured more than two years earlier

Physician, Heal Thyself
Die whilst treating someone else’s wounds
Hard Mode: They survive

Proof of Concept
Do something nobody realised was possible. Stick around to discover it become popular


In the Rukhi Camp….
“hey, Achiv! did you remember to lock the chest before we came out?” “yes! it is locked” (actually, Achiv meant unlocked.)

Death by Proxy
Be murdered for something you didn’t do, but wish you had

Eh, what?
Get confused by a messenger of God

Giza beat
At ODC, Knife-dance with an Egyptian

Diminishing Return
At ODC, return from the dead.

What did I do?
Get a straight answer out of someone with a reputation for being an enigma

Sterling Work
Network two tents 1/4 a km apart
Hard Mode: In the dark

Praise be the…!
At Mael, Win a game of Weaver, Weaver, Teacher

Impossible Odds
Find five minutes to sit down and rest

Minding my own business
Get killed by being mistaken for someone else

At ODC, offend King Minos
Hard Mode: Suffer no adverse effects

Victory through alternative means
Bankrupt a military unit because they buy a second round

Balls to your partner…
Be violently prevented from singing

Living on a prayer
Keep getting interrupted whilst trying to pray about something vitally important

Attend a ball from every nation or faction

While you’re listening…
At Mael, Successfully add an addendum to someone else’s supplication
Hard Mode: Get a response to the addendum, but not the original request.

Truly Hardcore
Stay IC for an entire weekend

Another Day In Carthage
Eat one or more of your own testicles

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